Smart Home, Security Is Not The Key, But Insurance   

    Through the IoT(Internet of Things) and cloud computing technology, Smart Home help home devices connected to each other, and upload the interest,habits of user’s home life to the cloud, on one hand optimizing lifestyle and improving the efficiency of life, but on the other hand because of Internet it has security risk, a “export” leaking user’s privacy. With some privacy of the user’s family continue to be exposed through the smart home, security has become a major constraint in the development of smart home, attracting wide attention of enterprises and users.  Smart Home improves the security for users on the security and protection issues, but cause new security issues in the use of IoT and wireless network technologies. And new security risks lead to the weakness of user-related data “confidential” level, giving unscrupulous hackers an opportunity to exploit, and there is no doubt that users will be the person who get hurt finally. Hongwei Zhou, the cardinal of 360, recently said, in the field of smart home, whatever the users need, the most important is to solve the problem of safety.

    Solution to the problem is often produced with the problem itself, in the face of network security risks in Smart Home, what businesses should do is to find a solution. Many businesses begin to treat the excellent safety as a selling point, dealing with user’s concerns about security, it is based on user’s demand for smart home security, for example, the highlight of some smart secure routes in the market is the safety

   What worth mention, however, is that security is not the key of smart home. Smart home is based on household automation, and its main goal is to make home life much more comfortable, efficient and convenient by means of science technology. Unfortunately, since the technology involved is connected to wireless communication and IoT, information leakage and network crack, which definitely deserves attention and immediate solution, is unavoidable. With smart home becoming the trend of household development, it’s unwise to be oversensitive to security issues. The attack on smart home system is usually conducted through the internet, just like the internet attack,which is proved to be a rare event.     

    Smart home should concentrate on the technology and sticks to the principles of more practical, safer and cater the users’ need durning the development. Security is another important part of smart home that cannot be ignored, the emergence of security issues tends to result in deviation from original purpose. As Wulian, a famous enterprise in the field of smart home, puts it, security is the fuse of smart home, although uneasy to be cracked, it’s vital to the smart home system and users’ impression. Considering these, user is advised to choose the smart home with a relatively high security level on the basis of practical. Though unlikely to be attacked, proper insurance measures are necessary.   

    There are two access ways of smart home, wired and wireless, but the near field communication, such as zigbee, z-wave, WiFi and bluetooth, is the mainstream. Security is not only the competition focus of technologies, but also of companies using these technologies in smart home industry.Take encryption method as an example,the zigbee method used by Wulian and many other enterprises of smart home, adopts 128k AES encryption method. Its security level is even higher than the banks’, which makes it uncrackable so far. 

  The development of smart home is based on technologies such as IoT and wireless communication, so the realization of security is still depended on technology. Since security is not the key, but a fuse of smart home system, making the wireless network communication safer and more stable by means of technology would be the target of smart home enterprise at present stage.    


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