Is You Home Really Safe?

First, Security in Different Area

Wulian home security systems can be set multiple alarm monitoring areas as per different residences, Each areas are independent and different alarm levels, different voice alarm information and implementing linkage response. When the alarm occurs, the home security system can send different voices and text messages depending on the alarm points and different events, , Then owners can determine these different information in the development and trends of thieves. At the same time the home system can also be linked with warning lights, speakers and lighting to scare thieves.

When the owner leaves home, only press the “leave home mode” button, the system will automatically check the status of indoor and outdoor alarm detector and open relative devices to enter protected mode ,and shut off the doors,windows,switches and relative devices. So,when a thief climb into windows. The owner will immediately received message “your house balcony windows are opened, It was the invasion!” In other words,owner can get message in real time at all defending area when intruder coming. In addition, you can install Wireless Gas Sensor in the kitchen and Smoke&Fire Sensors in the living room or bedroom, you can monitor The Gas Leakage And Fire etc.It will immediately send the relevant information to the owners’ phone to prevent disaster happening in your house.

Wulian Home Security System also has zoning protection mode. For example: If it is homeowner’s bedtime now.You can make outdoor area and windows layer region in protection.

Second, Aid vulnerable groups
For the elderly and vulnerable groups such as children, home security systems are fully integrated into its care ranks. For home alone and poor health elderly , they can carry a wireless remote alarm emergency button, the wireless alarm system can be hung around the neck or on the wrist, when emergency happen, They can press the alarm button and it can trigger the home security alarm system to linkage phone numbers dialed to voice notify his family, community monitoring center, hospital or person designated, so as to action timely for the elderly.
Third, Telecommunications
If you want to know what the child,baby-sister, pets are doing at home ,You can see the scene in real-time at home by phone or computer. And Your camera can automatically capture the intruder and send you screen picture. In addition, You can directly talk two-way voice communication through your camera etc.
Wulian launched smart home security systems with a variety of sensors, backed by video surveillance.Protect your life and family property safety with three-dimensional, multi-defense, real-time prevention, effectively. Now. If you want to buy one to your family.
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