Why You Need A Wireless Emergency Button?

Home automation device Wireless Emergency Button is a device generally used by the elderly to summon assistance when they have fallen or otherwise hurt themselves. Elderly adults use them at home as an alternative to living in assisted care facilities. When the individual needs help, they simply press the emergency button that immediately notifies a caregiver or loved one who can come to their aid. 

Emergency Buttons Are Faster Than Cell Phones

Emergency buttons need to be small, wireless, and easily accessible to be useful to everyone. They can activate an audible or silent alarm as soon as an intruder or threat is encountered. Although dialing the emergency number is easy on a cell phone, it takes some time to place the call and can alert an intruder. Emergency buttons are often kept in a convenient pocket, on a belt loop, or even around the neck, and a single push initiates the call for help. 

Home Automation Emergency Buttons

Although most home automation devices don’t label themselves as a emergency button, any automation controller can be programmed to act like one. A small wireless controller such as a key-chain or fob device should ideally be used. Besides being simple to use, the panic button should be distinctive so that you can find it by feel.

What Can Our Emergency Button Do?

Our wireless Emergency Alarm has emergency alarm trigger function and it can send out alarm signals to mobile intelligent terminal at the first time. The product supports ZigBee protocol and doesn’t need any wiring. It is very convenient for using. For example, when the aged and children stay at home alone, they can press the button on the product when emergency situations happen and alarm will be triggered at the same time. Therefore, families can get the information from their smart phone, iPad etc., and then they can deal with it immediately. The product has a wide application, in addition to the smart home system, it can be also applied to the monitoring system, intelligent hospital, wisdom hotel, intelligent building etc.


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