Loyal Family Fireman

Loyal Family Fireman


At the weekend, our family and friends gather together to share each other’s happiness, with food, wine, toast, under gorgeous light. But the beautiful scene may be smashed due to a little carelessness, which would brings us a lot of unnecessary trouble, such as doesn’t close the fire supply after heating food. In fact we can see such news everyday.


For a family, there are many kinds of reasons lead to fire disasters, careless use of fire,  smoking, children play with fire, electrical equipment burn in, electrical equipment installed irregularly, etc. Fire brings family serious disasters, bad is financial loss, worse is personal injury. But now the Gospel appeared, Wulian issued a new series products of family security protection class “Wireless Smoke(fire) detectors”, merciless for fire disasters.

It’s well-known that, at the beginning of the fire, items because of insufficient combustion often produces a lot of smoke, “wireless smoke(fire) detector”  can detect the change of indoor smoke density in the first time, and respond in advance, when the fire has not yet spread out, it will help you open window or fire water valve. Wireless smoke(fire) detector, just like a loyal family guard, at the beginning of the fire will be able to control the fire in time, the risk would be killed in the cradle.

Depend on its advantages in the field of ZigBee technology, complete product line, and powerful software function, becoming the global leader in smart home industry. The smoke detectors, as a member of the intelligent household product line. Compared with the traditional smoke(fire) detector, its appearance is concise and fashionable, don’t need to be installed with wire, concise and convenient. In addition, because the detector can be connected to the Internet of things, so it can send message with voice alarm to smart mobile terminals once the abnormal situation appeared.


No matter what the circumstances of the fire, the wireless smoke detector (fire) can easily deal with. This product is really humanization and intelligent, let our family life more safe and comfortable. We have reason to believe that such a smart home products with consideration for public, could be really popularized.


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