Is Gesture control really practical?

Is Gesture control really practical?
In January 2014, because one piece of news NEST became the star of the smart home industry overnight. Reported that “Google announced that they had reached purchase agreement with smart home company Nest Labs, which was founded by ” the father of the iPod “Tony Dell, all assets of NSET would be purchased by $3.2 billion in cash, predict that the deal will be completed within a few months “.

In May 2014, NEST come into the spotlight again since another news, but this time NEST has gone visibly, shed star aura, more like a “literary youth” with mistakes. “Because of the product bugs, has certain potential risks, may lead to no alarm when emergency appears or inadvertently closed, Nest company announced would recall 440,000 problems smoke detectors which have been sold out – Protect smoke”.

What we have to admit is, the smoke detectors recalled by NEST, with exquisite industrial design and attractive appearance, and through the sound and the color change of the ring to remind the user that the level change of indoor CO, so user can check if there is emergency, if not, you can just wave hand to turn off the alarm or by pressing the middle button. To sum up, no matter on appearance and function, especially the new function of waving gesture for alarm off, are awesome.

Just like Apple, their innovation on smart aspect is undoubtedly. But the bugs is also produced from the intelligent innovation. In the original Settings of Smoke detector alarm, no such function of waving gesture to turn off alarm, there will not be a case of alarm omission and closed without intention, the new function was designed to avoid the trouble of shuting down alarm, outsmart oneself instead, intelligent alarm “degradation”, left the security seed, and grow up with “recalling consequences”.
The Wireless Smoke(fire) detectors (WL – FD – A) produced by Wulian. Based on its advantages in the field of Zigbee technology, complete product line, and powerful software function, becoming the global leader in smart home industry. The smoke detectors, as a member of the intelligent household product line. Compared with the traditional smoke(fire) detector, its appearance is concise and fashionable, don’t need to be installed with wire, concise and convenient. In addition, because the detector can be connected to the Internet of things, so it can send message with voice alarm to smart mobile terminals once the abnormal situation appeared.


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