Wulian smart home software application.

Wulian smart home software application.

1. Download:
Wulian smart home software can be downloaded at Google Play for Android cell phone and APP store for IOS cell phone (search with wulian.cc or smart home). You can also download smart home software on our website(http://www.wulian.cc/english/jiameng/software.htm). It’s free of charge. The icon of Wulian smart home software will show in your cell phone automatically after installation.
2. Log in
Username is on the bottom of our gateway and the password is the last six characters of the username.
3. How to set a Scene:
You can master the settings of software easily within 3 minutes. Even for those who know nothing about programming or internet he can operate Wulian smart home software successfully. One click to control and long press to setting a scene, timing or linkage, that’s all we need to do. So easy!
We take the “back home scene” as an example: when coming back home, we need to turn on lights, air conditioner, TV ,ventilation system and other devices in living room, close our curtain, switch on light in the kitchen, etc. But now we can put all these single function together to a scene. Just one click on the back home scene, all the devices you wanted are triggered and switch on automatically at the same time. No need to turn on this light, that light, this device that device one by one, this bring so much convenience to our life! Besides, we can set various scenes, such as leaving home scene, meeting room scene, home theater scene, morning getting up scene, night sleeping scene and so on.

What’s more, we can set scenes that, when the light sensor detect the brightness outside is less than 100 Lux in the evening, it will trigger curtain to close and light will switch on automatically in our house, and when temperature sensor detector the temperature higher than 35℃, air conditioner will work automatically, when temperature lower than 20℃,it will turn off automatically, this is not only good for our health but also for energy saving. We can also have time setting that from Monday to Friday, our TV will turn on automatically at 6:30pm to channel 16(my favorite channel) .This is what we called smart life.
4. How to set an Area:
We have different areas of our house, living room, bedroom, kitchen room, washing room, reading room and so on. So, we can separate the sensors or devices according to its location. For example, if we want to control one light switch in the living room, we can find it in the living room area quickly.
5. Introduction of Function
We can find all the sensors or devices in function, and control the device or sensors. Wulian is the only one company in the world who can supply whole set of ZigBee home automation solution, There are six main functions: Lighting Management, Electrical appliance Control, Security Protection, Health Monitor, Environment Conditioning, comprehensive function such as parking system, irrigation system residential access control system ,etc.
6. Monitor
We have different kind of monitors, DVR, wireless IP camera and wireless smart cloud camera, its automatic rotation angle is.360 degree, support talkback function, and motion capture function. With Wulian smart home monitor system, you can use your cell phone to check what happens in you house wherever you are.
7. System
Like your cell phone system, In Wulian smart home application system, 1. we can see that Log in and log out of the software, 2. We can set or change the password of the gateway and password to open the lock. 3. We can set warning mode: vibration ,warning by sound or silent mode, 4. we can also c heck the network information.


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