Choose Wulian for Energy Saving

Choose Wulian for Energy Saving

    Nanjing IOT Sensor Technology Co., Ltd is the global leading supplier for smart home and home automation devices and solutions. Based on the demand of our customers, Wulian continue to innovate and lead the industry of IOT sensor controller, mobile IOT and cloud computing. Depending on the comprehensive advantages in the fields of sensor controller, Wulian has been a front runner in smart home automation industry.

Now Wulian smart home products are popular around the world. As there are many attractive and unique features, like remote control, linkage control, timing control and scene control. Of course one lightspot is that Wulian smart home automation can save your energy. 

Have you ever had the experience that you forget whether the light is turned off after leaving the office or building?

In home automation time, with wulian wireless smart home products like SmartRoom Dimmer Switches you can check the status and switch on/off the lights in your office or building remotely at any time and wherever you are. This is based on the two-way communication and real time feedback features of Wulian ZigBee wireless protocol technology. Besides, the brightness of the lights is adjustable from 0% to 100% degree with wulian dimmer switch even for LED light.


               SmartRoom Dimmer Switch

According to the actual usage of individual system periodically to be adjusted, Wulian wireless smart switch can save 10%-15% energy consumption. In addition, our home automation products provide contract energy management solutions, the old building to conduct a comprehensive modernization of the energy transformation, it can even save 40% of energy consumption.This cost will soon be the energy and material saving offset.

Imagine that with wulian smart home products, just through your smart mobile terminal, you can know which appliance is still on work, and then you can log them off no matter where you are. How fashionable and convenient it is!

So choose Wulian smart home automation for energy saving, you can not only avoid energy waste and can also enjoy the more comfortable and easier life.

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