An essential Artifact for Mall Earnings ——Wireless People Counter

Wireless People Counter

Wulian wirless people counter is another  people counting system that enable the wireless transmission and collection of count data where wired devices are inappropriate. Smart home system, home automation.

Wireless people counters (or infrared beam counters) capture people counts through simply breaking a beam of light emitted across an entrance. Side-mounted beam solutions are not as accurate as overhead counting hardware however, they can be effective in areas of low traffic volume, or entrances with narrow span. Smart home 

The technology is available with either mono or bi-directional capability.

Advantages of Wireless People Counters

Using a wireless people counter system allows increased flexibility over traditional wired solutions, for entrances or locations where wiring is impossible or impractical. Smart home 

The wireless people counter has a built-in battery power source which makes the device highly to your environment. They can also be used where temporary counting is required eliminating the need for permanent installation. home automation.

Key Features of Wireless People Counters

Collects and stores entry and exit counts

Available as mono or bidirectional capable versions

When connected to the Point Manager, can stream count information via Ethernet to Local Area Networks or the Internet

Can be integrated with traditional wired solutions as part of a larger system. home automation.

Wulian wireless people counter is based on Zigbee/ SnartRoom wirelss Technology. This product is used to record the number of people in be effective range and to transmit the data to the mobile terminals. Collecting and analyzing the data by software, people flow count could be generated in need based on any period. Moreoverx, the data can not only be changed by hour, by day and by week, but also be expored directly to generate report.

This product can be widely applied in market, exhibition, bus station, library, cinema, hospital and railway station ect.


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